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Heart, Soul and a Killer Tattoo

Alternative Press - December 2008

A first look and review of Green Day's follow-up to 'American Idiot', 21st Century Breakdown. Includes an interview with the band.

Anarchy in the US with Foxboro Hot Tubs

Kerrang - May 2008

A look at Green Day releasing music as the Foxboro Hot Tubs. Also includes a recap of their mini-tour and some photos.

How The Hell Do You Follow American Idiot?

NME - April 30, 2008

A summary of the Foxboro Hot Tubs news, plus a look at what is expected of Green Day on their follow-up to 'American Idiot'.

Atomic Garden

Knit1 - April 12, 2008

An interview with Billie Joe's wife, Adrienne, about her store "Atomic Garden". Includes a photo of her and Billie Joe.

Pinhead Gunpowder

Spin - March 28, 2008

Two photos from Pinhead Gunpowder shows in California.

Billie Joe's Punk Reunion

Rolling Stone - March 06, 2008

A short recap about the Pinhead Gunpowder shows

Green Day Frontman Dusts Off Side Project

Kerrang - February 15, 2008

An article in Kerrang talking about Billie Joe playing a couple 'Pinhead Gunpowder' shows.

Studio Progress

Rolling Stone - October 06, 2007

A short interview with Billie Joe to get an update on the progress of the album to follow up 'American Idiot'

Green D'oh!

Kerrang - June 06, 2007

A first look about Green Day's role in the Simpson's Movie.

High Times

Q - January 04, 2007

A review of U2's concert in Hawaii where Billie Joe joined them on stage to perform "When The Saints Are coming"