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Highway to Hella

Billboard - September 14, 2019

An in-depth interview with Billie Joe Armstrong, Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz, and Weezer's Rivers Cuomo about the Hella Mega tour, signing with Crush Management, new music, and sharing the stage together.

A Different Shade of Green

Kerrang - September 14, 2019

In part one of this two part interview, Green Day gives us more details on their new album Father of All Motherfuckers, how discovering new music help shaped the new album, and how the troubled climate of the world influenced Billie's songwriting.

Green Day's New Fire

Rolling Stone - April 2017

Rolling Stone interview with the band about the "Revolution Radio" tour.

Lean, Mean and Green

Guitar World - March 2017

An in-depth interview with Billie Joe Armstrong about 'Revolution Radio' and his guitars.

Revolution On The Road

Kerrang - February 04, 2017

Kerrang chats with Green Day backstage about touring as they prepare for a string of UK shows.

Rock Sound 2016 Scrapbook: Billie Joe Armstrong

Rock Sound - January 2017

A short article with Billie's thoughts on 'Revolution Radio' and 'Ordinary World.'

50 Greatest Records of 2016

Kerrang - December 10, 2016

Kerrang interviews Green Day as the band tops their list of the top 50 records of 2016.

Like Ringin' A Bell

Guitar Player - December 2016

Billie Joe reflects on 30 years of making punk guitar noises, crafting anthems, and recording 'Revolution Radio,' in an interview with Guitar Player.

Punk Rock Revolution

Bass Player - December 2016

An in-depth interview with Mike Dirnt about his bass playing and the process of recording 'Revolution Radio.'

Green Day: The Resurrection of Billie Joe Armstrong

Q - December 2016

An in-depth interview about what Billie Joe went through to put himself back together after falling apart and seeing Green Day return stronger than ever.