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American Nightmare

NME - November 2016

Billie Joe Armstrong on Donald Trump and the crazy 2016 US presidential election.

In The Studio

NME - May 12, 2010

A look at Green Day recording the 'American Idiot' musical cast album.

Green Party

NME - November 06, 2009

A review of Green Day's concert in London during the 21CB tour.

Inside the Mind of Billie Joe

NME - June 06, 2009

An interview with Billie Joe (and a shorter interview with Tre). They ask Billie Joe questions about what it's like to be him.

How The Hell Do You Follow American Idiot?

NME - April 30, 2008

A summary of the Foxboro Hot Tubs news, plus a look at what is expected of Green Day on their follow-up to 'American Idiot'.

3 New Albums for Green Day

NME - December 09, 2006

The first article to surface about Green Day's new material to follow up American Idiot.


NME - December 2006

A short interview with Billie Joe asking what he'll be doing for Christmas 2006.

25 Facts About Green day

NME - June 13, 2005

This article lists some random facts, plus some songs that were chosen by the band (and a little bit about each of them) for a free CD that was included.

We Will, We Will Punk Rock You

NME - February 19, 2005

NME catches up with the band as they start touring in Europe/UK.