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A Year Inside Green Day

Q - December 2010

An interview with the band about their career, plus a look at what Green Day did in 2010.

Green Day Frontman Makes Broadway Debut

Kerrang - October 06, 2010

A review of Billie Joe's first performance as 'St. Jimmy' in the American Idiot musical.

American Idiot Anniversary

Kerrang - September 23, 2010

Interview with the band talking about American Idiot's anniversary.

Modern Masters

Total Guitar - July 21, 2010

Article about Billie Joe's guitar playing. The article talks about his playing, equipment, and techniques. Also included in the magazine are a couple pages of tabs that show examples of Billie Joe's powerchord riffs, octave melodies, unison blends, and double stops.

The Greatest Show on Earth

Kerrang - July 19, 2010

Review the bands performance in Manchester June 2010, with some photos from the show.

Viva La Green Day!

Big Cheese - June 04, 2010

An interview with the band where they talk about success, the next album, Rock Band, and the musical

Rebel Yell

Vogue - June 2010

A review of the American Idiot musical and quotes from the band about the project.

The life and times of a rock icon

Kerrang - May 29, 2010

An interview with Billie Joe which has him answering questions about his life and personality.

Green Day Musical Debuts On Broadway

Rolling Stone - May 13, 2010

The article takes you though opening night of the musical and includes comments from the band.

In The Studio

NME - May 12, 2010

A look at Green Day recording the 'American Idiot' musical cast album.