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Their new album will be 'mind-blowing'

Kerrang - December 20, 2006

Interview with Billie Joe about what their follow up album to American Idiot will sound like.

3 New Albums for Green Day

NME - December 09, 2006

The first article to surface about Green Day's new material to follow up American Idiot.


NME - December 2006

A short interview with Billie Joe asking what he'll be doing for Christmas 2006.

Punk Special

Total Guitar - May 30, 2006

Interview with Billie Joe, his early taste in music, his top 5 albums and there is also a page about his guitars

Billie Joe Armstrong Interview

Blender - May 2006

An interview with Billie Joe. It's basically just some random questions they asked him about everything from his parenting to the bands change in music and style.

Top 100 Videos

Kerrang - April 20, 2006

Green Day lands on Kerrang's top 100 videos of all time at #1. An interview with Billie Joe and director Sam Bayer.

Seeing Green!

TV Hits - April 2006

A pretty funny interview with the band, where they're asked why they wear make up, and if they feel like rock stars when the fireworks go off during their concerts.

25 Rock Stars Who Changed Your World

Kerrang - March 2006

Billie Joe is featured along other musicians who've left a lasting impact on the music industry and their fans.

Blink 182 vs. Green Day

Kerrang - February 2006

Kerrang runs a story from back when Green Day and Blink were on tour together during the Pop Disaster Tour. Tre has some thoughts on who's the better band.

Sweet Jesus

Kerrang - January 18, 2006

A review of Green Day's tour in Australia and short blurb about their first drummer John Kiffmeyer.