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Fair Warning : Green Day Crack the Whip

Revolver - October 2000

The band talks about recording 'Warning' and they explain who you can hear fucking shit up at the beginning of 'Blood Sex & Booze'

The Boys Are Back In Town

Alternative Press - June 2000

Photos of the band just before the release of 'Warning'. Article not included for some reason. But, you can view the photos anyway.

Green Day's Tre Cool Bursts Out

Drummer - May 1998

An interview with Tre after nimrod.'s release. Tre talks about playing fast, and why he liked destroying his drums after every show.

Green Day '95: From Punks to Platinum

Rolling Stone - January 11, 1996

Interview with the band after Insomniac, it spends a lot of time talking about the lives of Green Day when they were young. Note: Our scans of this article are shit. If you can get us better scans, send it to info@greendayauthority.com

Green Day : Boys to men

Spin - December 1995

An interview with the band shortly after the release of Insomniac. The author spends the day with the band talking to them about where they are after the huge success of Dookie.

Best New Band

Rolling Stone - January 26, 1995

Green Day gets honor of their first Rolling Stone cover and article less than a year after Dookie's release. Interview with the band and introduction to them.

Green Day vs. The Offspring

Starline Magazine - January 1995

This article is an early look at Green Day. Written and released just after the success of Dookie and before Insomniac's release, this is a long expose look at Green Day and each of it's three band members. It gives an introduction to the band, where they came from, and has notable quotes from Billie Joe, Mike and Tre as they had just come off a highly successful album and their first tour on a major label.

The Year Punk Broke

Spin - November 1994

The first major music publication about Green Day. The article focuses on why bands like Green Day and The Offspring became so popular that year (1994). Includes an interview with the band.