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American Idiot Review

Kerrang - September 2004

Kerrang rates 'American Idiot' and reviews Green Day's performance at the 2004 Reading Festival.

Punk Gods Blast Back

Kerrang - July 10, 2004

The first listen to 'American Idiot'. A couple months before the albums release, Kerrang get an exclusive look at 6 songs from the still-new album, never heard before.

Follow-up to Warning

Kerrang - January 2003

Kerrang asks Billie Joe a couple questions about what they're working on to follow up 'Warning'. The band was working on demos at this time, likely for Cigarette's & Valentines. They would scrap those and instead write 'American Idiot' shortly after.

War! What is it good for?

Kerrang - December 2002

Billie Joe vocalizes his opposition to the war about to begin in Iraq. He asked fans of Green Day to sign a petition.

Blink 182 / Green Day / Jimmy Eat World

Spin - August 2002

A review of a Green Day show (Dallas, May 9, 2002) during the Pop Disaster tour with Blink 182 and Jimmy Eat World.

Fewer Fans, Bigger Bucks

Spin - July 2002

A short article talking about how the biggest bands are charging more and more for shows. Green Day is only briefly mentioned about touring with Blink 182.

Masters of Disastour

Alternative Press - June 2002

Interview with both Green Day and Blink 182 talking about their tour together and how they've changed since they first started.

Green Day / Blink 182

Rolling Stone - April 2002

Interview with Green Day talking about their tour with Blink 182 during the "Pop Disaster" tour.

Monsters of Pop

Spin - April 2002

Short article mentioning Green Day on tour with Blink 182.

Green Day : Top of the World

Kerrang - October 20, 2001

Kerrang introduces Green Day with this article talking about where they started, and where there at at this point with the success they've had.