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Recording Secrets with Mike DIrnt and Rob Cavallo

Bass Guitar - January 18, 2006

Interview with Mike Dirnt and Rob Cavallo where they talk about how Mike records his bass lines.

Rock's Rude Boy

Rolling Stone - January 12, 2006

An interview with Billie Joe looking back at the bands year following American Idiot. They ask him about regrets or the biggest trouble they've caused.

The Full 16 Years of Punkin' the World

Hammer - December 2005

An in-depth look at Green Day's career, along with a special look at the lives of all three members and interviews with them.

Review of Bullet In A Bible

Zero - December 2005

A look at Bullet In A Bible alongside Green Day's performance at the giant shows at Milton Keynes.

Living On Broken Dreams

Dub - December 2005

A look back at the success of 'American Idiot', plus an interview with the band and a look at the car used in the Boulevard of Broken Dreams / Holiday music video.

How Three Punks Conquered The World

Kerrang - December 2005

Interview with the band looking back at the success of American Idiot, and the band's tour supporting the album.

Working Class Heroes

Rolling Stone - November 2005

An interview with Green Day and look at their beginnings to where they are now with the success of American Idiot.

Green Day Photo

Entertainment Weekly - October 14, 2005

Green Day included in EW's special photo issue. This photo was taken January 26th in London by Klaus Thymann

20 Greatest Innovators of the Past 20 Years

Spin - October 2005

Interview with Billie Joe about how he's changed, personally and musically in the last 20 years. Spin's 20th special anniversary issue.

Green Day Nominated for VMA's

Rolling Stone - August 25, 2005

A short interview with the band about being nominated for 8 Video Music Awards.