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Green Day: The Resurrection of Billie Joe Armstrong

Q - December 2016

An in-depth interview about what Billie Joe went through to put himself back together after falling apart and seeing Green Day return stronger than ever.

Green Day Man The Barricades

Q - October 2016

An interview with Green Day, discussing Billie's battle with addiction and their upcoming album "Revolution Radio."

Green Day Fan Q&A

Q - September 27, 2012

Green Day answers questions from fans about everything from masturbation to doing acid.

A Year Inside Green Day

Q - December 2010

An interview with the band about their career, plus a look at what Green Day did in 2010.

Artists of the Century

Q - January 2010

An interview with Billie Joe as he's listed as one of Q's 'Artists of the Century'. The questions are mainly about his personal life.

Viva La Revolution!

Q - May 2009

An interview with Green Day. Looking back at their career and their inspiration for 21st Century Breakdown. Includes a breakdown of each song on the album.

High Times

Q - January 04, 2007

A review of U2's concert in Hawaii where Billie Joe joined them on stage to perform "When The Saints Are coming"

Soundtracks Everyone Was Listening To

Q - June 2005

An article talking about Dookie's influence and how everyone listened to the album in the 90's.

Three Kings

Q - May 2005

An interview with Green Day following their tour and successful win at the Grammy's.

American Idiots On The Road

Q - March 2005

Review of Green Day's performance in Amsterdam from January 2005