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Billie Joe meets Paul Westerberg

Spin - March 20, 2010

An interview with Billie Joe and Paul Westerberg (singer/guitars from The Replacements).

Pinhead Gunpowder

Spin - March 28, 2008

Two photos from Pinhead Gunpowder shows in California.

20 Greatest Innovators of the Past 20 Years

Spin - October 2005

Interview with Billie Joe about how he's changed, personally and musically in the last 20 years. Spin's 20th special anniversary issue.

The Year In Music 2004

Spin - January 2005

Green Day rates the top music of 2004

Idiot's Rule

Spin - December 2004

A short article about the lead-up to American Idiot and the Presidential Election

Power to the People (With Funny Haircuts)

Spin - November 2004

From fatherhood and politics to prank calls and hangovers, Green Day tell spin about surviving as 30-something punks and their rock opera, American Idiot.

Blink 182 / Green Day / Jimmy Eat World

Spin - August 2002

A review of a Green Day show (Dallas, May 9, 2002) during the Pop Disaster tour with Blink 182 and Jimmy Eat World.

Fewer Fans, Bigger Bucks

Spin - July 2002

A short article talking about how the biggest bands are charging more and more for shows. Green Day is only briefly mentioned about touring with Blink 182.

Monsters of Pop

Spin - April 2002

Short article mentioning Green Day on tour with Blink 182.

Green Day : Boys to men

Spin - December 1995

An interview with the band shortly after the release of Insomniac. The author spends the day with the band talking to them about where they are after the huge success of Dookie.