Green Day's Equipment

Billie Joe Armstrong

Billie Joe Armstrong equipment

Electric Guitars

Fernandes Stratocaster ("Blue")
Fender Stratocaster ("Blue 2")
Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop
Fender Stratocaster Red
Fender Stratocaster Sunburst
Fender Telecaster Yellow
Gibson ES 135
Gibson Les Paul Junior White ("Whitey")
Gibson Les Paul Junior Sunburst ("Floyd")
Gibson Les Paul Junior TV Yellow '59 ("Cornel Mustard")
Gibson Les Paul Junior Black ("Blacky")
Gibson Les Paul Special '59
Gibson SG Standard
Fender Jazz Master
Fender Telecaster Custom Shop
Gibson ES 335
Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop
Gibson Les Paul Slash Top Gold
Gretch Hollow Body with Bigsby

Electric Guitars

Guild D-55
Taylor 514C
Gibson J-180 Custom


Marshall JCM 800 100W Head + 300W Cabinet
Marshall Super Lead 100 WATTS
Fender Bassman Cabinet + Head
Hiwatt Custom 100


Dunlop Tortex .88 Picks
Ernie Ball Super Slinky Strings 0.10-0.46
Shure Microphones
Shure Wireless Cables


One of Billie's most famous guitars is a Fernandes Stratocaster copy he calls "Blue" which was given to him by his mother as an early Christmas present when he was 11 (she bought the guitar from Billie's guitar teacher). Billie still uses the original on tour to this day (most recently during parts of the 21st Century Breakdown tour). He's had replicas of "Blue" made, but gave them all away during the tour.

On Nimrod he also used some Gibsons, some old Les Pauls, an ES-355, an ES-135 and a Fender Jaguar. He also made a guitar he calls 'Frankenstein' because it is a combination of several different parts purchased at a Fender shop. He has a Seymour Duncan humbucker added to Blue.

Billie mainly plays through a modified Marshall amp. On Nimrod he used a Fender Bassman, a Hiwatt, and a Leslie. The amp he used on Dookie is most commonly referred to as the 'Pete' amp and can be seen most noticeably at the Woodstock concert; it has 'Pete' written across it. Pete was recently spotted being used at some of the small 21st Century Breakdown preview shows in San Francisco and Oakland.

When asked about what brand his acoustic guitar is, Billie says: "I don't know, one with strings and a hole in the middle!" Billie says a lot of his sound comes from strumming. "I use my thumb. It's that half-pick and half-thumb that gives it that thwack. Also, I don't play with my wrist, I play with my shoulder and hit it really hard."

Mike Dirnt

Mike Dirnt equipment

Bass Guitars

Gibson G-3
Fender Precision '66
Fender Precision '69
Mike Dirnt Signature Fender Precision


Mesa Boogie MB2000


Duplex Tortex .76 - .88mm Custom Picks
Ernie Ball Super Slinky 0.09 Strings


From Guitar World: "On this record [Nimrod], I used Precision basses because my old Gibson G-3 didn't sound good with the new songs. I used a '66 and '69; they have a real warmth on the low end. For this record I knew we weren't going for the huge guitar sound; this gave me more room to get in there. I needed to play a real punchy bass on the old records because the guitar frequencies where everywhere and I needed to get right in the middle. I recorded Dookie with a Precision bass too."

"I use Mesa/Boogie amps, MB 2000's. They're half-tube and half-solid state. I wanted to custom-make my own sound, and Mesa/Boogie was really willing to work with me. They made me 6 x 10 cabinets, and we put those on top of a 1 x 18. I think I'm nailing it. I have an MB 2000 running each one of my 6x10 cabinets and then an MB 2000 running both of my 18's."

Tré Cool

Tré Cool equipment

2014 SJC Tre Cool Custom Kit

7x14 Mahogany Snare (2.3mm hoops), Remo heads
9x13 Rack Tom
16x16 Floor Tom
16x18 Floor Tom
15x24 Bass Drum

American Idiot Drums

Ludwig Classic Maple Kit
18" x 22" Bass Drum
10" x 14" Rack Tom
16" x 16" Floor Tom
16" x 18" Floor Tom

American Idiot Snares

Noble & Cooley - 7" x 14" Classic SS Series
Ludwig - 6 1/2" x 14" Black Beauty

American Idiot Drumheads

Coated Powerstroke 3
Coated Emperors
Clear Ambassadors
Clear Powerstroke 3
Ebony Powerstroke 3

American Idiot Cymbals

Hi-hat: 14" K/Z Dyno Beat
Crash 1: 19" K Dark Medium Crash
Crash 2: 18" A Medium Crash
Ride: 22" A Deep Ride and 22" A Ping Ride
Crash Ride: 21" A Sweet Ride and 20" Vintage Avedis Ride

21st Century Breakdown Drums

16" x 22" Bass Drum
9" x 13" Rack Tom
16" x 16" Floor Tom
16" x 18" Floor Tom

21st Century Breakdown Snare

6.5" x 14" Broadway Standard Snare

21st Century Breakdown Drum Heads

Coated Emperor X
Coated Emperors
Clear Ambassadors
Clear Powerstroke 3
Smooth White Powerstroke 3

21st Century Breakdown Cymbals

Hi-hat: 14" K/Z Dyno Beat Combination
Crash 1: 19" K Dark Medium Thin Crash
Crash 2: 19" A Medium Thin Crash
Ride: 22" A Ping Ride
Crash Ride: 20" K Crash Ride


Click here for a diagram of Tre's American Idiot drum set.
Click here for a diagram of Tre's 21st Century breakdown drum set.