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Blender - May 2005

A short article about a boy who woke up from a coma after his family played 'American Idiot' for him.

Three Kings

Q - May 2005

An interview with Green Day following their tour and successful win at the Grammy's.

Hottest People of the Summer

Teen People - May 2005

Billie Joe included in a short write-up listing the hottest people of the summer. That one is kind of self explanatory.

Saturday Night Fever

People - April 25, 2005

Short mention about Green Day partying after their SNL performance.

Billie Joe Sexiest Person In Rock

Kerrang - April 16, 2005

Billie Joe is written about as one of the top 50 sexiest people in rock.

Green Day Grudge

Orlando Sentinel - April 15, 2005

An interview with Green Day, asking why they decided to go the direction they did with American Idiot.

We Are The Champions

MTV Access - April 2005

A review at a Green Day concert during the American Idiot tour.

The Punks' Full Amazing Story

Kerrang - April 2005

A look at Green Day's full career

Show Review

Rip It Up - April 2005

A review of Green Day's show at the North Shore Events Centre.

The Best Day Of Our Lives

Kerrang - March 23, 2005

Review of Green Day's tour in Australia and a look at the success of American Idiot.