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Billie Joe: The Road Back From Hell

Rolling Stone - March 14, 2013

This in-depth interview with Billie Joe talks about his alcohol and substance abuse which led to him entering rehab in September 2012.

Green Day Make The Biggest Move Of Their Career

Guitar World - November 2012

In depth interview with Billie Joe about songwriting for the trilogy. Also details about the equipment and sound they're going for.

Green Day Are Back And Louder Than Ever

Nylon Guys - October 17, 2012

Nylon Guys talks to Green Day about the trilogy

Return To Paradise

Total Guitar - October 2012

Billie Joe Armstrong talks to Total Guitar about the guitars on new album ¡Uno!, including his latest signature Gibson, building his own amps and why Zakk Wylde should love his new record.

Green Day Fan Q&A

Q - September 27, 2012

Green Day answers questions from fans about everything from masturbation to doing acid.

Q&A with Billie Joe

Rolling Stone - September 13, 2012

Rolling Stone interviews Billie Joe about the trilogy. Also does a review of ¡Uno!

At Guitar Center: Interview with Billie Joe & Mike of Green Day

Guitar Center - August 28, 2012

Billie and Mike visited a Guitar Center in Los Angeles to sit down with for an interview to talk about the trilogy and Billie's new signature Les Paul Jr. double cut.

Tricks Of The Trade

Sunday Times - August 19, 2012

This article interviews Green Day about the upcoming trilogy. "It's either their dumbest or greatest idea -- releasing three albums in four months. Green Day are hard workers who take fun seriously"

Green Day talks about trilogy

Rolling Stone - August 18, 2012

In this short article by author David Fricke, Billie Joe talks about what to expect from upcoming trilogy

It's Time to Have Fun Again

Rock Sound - August 14, 2012

Green Day sit down with Rock Sound Magazine for an 8-page feature to discuss the new trilogy of albums and the process and reasoning behind them.