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Green Party

Time - January 31, 2005

A review of American Idiot and how Green Day made an impact with their album.

Their Toughest Grilling Ever

Kerrang - January 22, 2005

In-depth interview with Green Day asking them a bunch of random questions. It's actually one of their best interviews. Funny and entertaining.

Green Day Sound Off

People - January 17, 2005

Short interview with the band talking about their Grammy nominations.

Billie Joe named Person of the Year

Rolling Stone - January 13, 2005

Rolling Stone honors Billie Joe as one of 2004's "People of the Year". Includes a short interview asking him to sum up 2004 for Green Day.

For 'Jesus of Suburbia'

Entertainment Weekly - January 07, 2005

A short review of American Idiot plus an advertisement for the album after it's 7 Grammy nominations.

American Idiot Breaks Barriers

Inside Connection - January 2005

Interview with the band about what went into making 'American Idiot' and their plans for the future.

Recording The Band

Mix - January 2005

A look at the equipment the band uses in studio and on tour. Interviews with their sound engineers and techs.

American Idiot review

Q - January 2005

Billie Joe lists London Calling as one of his favorite albums and Q reviews 'American Idiot' as an 'album of the year'.

Review of American Idiot

AMP - January 2005

AMP interviews Billie Joe in February 2004 before American Idiot is released, then follows up with a review after the albums release.

The Year In Music 2004

Spin - January 2005

Green Day rates the top music of 2004