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Green Day's New Fire

Rolling Stone - April 2017

Rolling Stone interview with the band about the "Revolution Radio" tour.

Green Day Rip It Up & Start Over

Rolling Stone - September 22, 2016

Rolling Stone interviews the band about pressing the reset button after the ill-fated trilogy and getting back to basics for their upcoming album "Revolution Radio."

Green Day's New Fury

Rolling Stone - August 2016

A brief interview with Billie Joe about the band's upcoming album "Revolution Radio."

Meet the Rock Hall's Class of 2015

Rolling Stone - January 14, 2015

Short quote from Billie Joe about Green Day being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Includes a photo of Green Day from 1995 when they were on the cover of Rolling Stone.

The Dookie Chronicles

Rolling Stone - February 28, 2014

Rolling Stone interviews the band on the 'Dookie's' 20th anniversary, talking about how the album came to be and Green Day's start as a indie band and jump to the mainstream.

Billie Joe: The Road Back From Hell

Rolling Stone - March 14, 2013

This in-depth interview with Billie Joe talks about his alcohol and substance abuse which led to him entering rehab in September 2012.

Q&A with Billie Joe

Rolling Stone - September 13, 2012

Rolling Stone interviews Billie Joe about the trilogy. Also does a review of ¡Uno!

Green Day talks about trilogy

Rolling Stone - August 18, 2012

In this short article by author David Fricke, Billie Joe talks about what to expect from upcoming trilogy

Green Day Ditch Rock Operas for Raw Punk LPs

Rolling Stone - June 19, 2012

A first look at Green Day's trilogy ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, and ¡Tre! with lots of new information about what's coming and what to expect.

Green Day Musical Debuts On Broadway

Rolling Stone - May 13, 2010

The article takes you though opening night of the musical and includes comments from the band.