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Songs You've Never Heard

Alternative Press - June 2012

AP talks about Cigarette's & Valentines.

Heart, Soul and a Killer Tattoo

Alternative Press - December 2008

A first look and review of Green Day's follow-up to 'American Idiot', 21st Century Breakdown. Includes an interview with the band.

Letters to Green Day

Alternative Press - January 2005

A few fan letters sent to AP for featuring Green Day. Includes one from GDA's founder Courtney Smith.

A Night at the Punk Rock Opera

Alternative Press - October 2004

Interview with Green Day about the music in American Idiot and where the band is now. Reflecting on their career and lives over the last 15 years.

Masters of Disastour

Alternative Press - June 2002

Interview with both Green Day and Blink 182 talking about their tour together and how they've changed since they first started.

The Boys Are Back In Town

Alternative Press - June 2000

Photos of the band just before the release of 'Warning'. Article not included for some reason. But, you can view the photos anyway.