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Green Day Interview

Flaunt - July 2005

An interview and photo essay with the band. They talk about their career and where they're at musically.

Live At Milton Keynes

Kerrang - June 25, 2005

A review and photo gallery from Green Day's largest shows at Milton Keynes in the UK.

Green Day: Kerrang Editors

Kerrang - June 18, 2005

Green Day take over as 'acting editors' for this issue of Kerrang. Includes a bunch of random Green Day facts from the band, with analysis of individual songs, and Green Day writes responses to some fan mail.

25 Facts About Green day

NME - June 13, 2005

This article lists some random facts, plus some songs that were chosen by the band (and a little bit about each of them) for a free CD that was included.

The Ultimate Guide To Green Day

Guitar Legends - June 2005

An in-depth look at Green Day's career, their music, and interview with the band. Also includes some tips on playing Green Day's music.

Trail Blazers

Total Guitar - June 2005

Looks into the impact 'Dookie' had on the music industry and the punk scene. They also interview Billie Joe about where the inspiration for that music came from.

Soundtracks Everyone Was Listening To

Q - June 2005

An article talking about Dookie's influence and how everyone listened to the album in the 90's.


Blender - June 2005

A short article discussing what Billie Joe looked like when he was younger.

Summer of Punk

Kerrang - June 2005

Special edition of Kerrang talking all about punk, crediting Green Day with the explosion of it. They interview the band to ask about how and why they got into punk, and they also review a Green Day concert from 2000.

Green Day Go Big

Rolling Stone - May 05, 2005

A short article announcing Green Day's stadium shows for the USA. Also includes a picture of Billie Joe and Adrienne after Green Day performed on SNL.