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Power to the People (With Funny Haircuts)

Spin - November 2004

From fatherhood and politics to prank calls and hangovers, Green Day tell spin about surviving as 30-something punks and their rock opera, American Idiot.

Nevermind the Bullocks, Here's a Rock Opera

Revolver - November 2004

After a four year hiatus, the band returns with a politically charged concept album that couldn't come a minute too soon.

The Fights, The Drugs, The Comeback of the Year

Total Guitar - November 2004

An interview with Mike about American Idiot and his bass sound on the album

Drunk Day

Rolling Stone - October 2004

A short interview with Mike and Tre after they played the Voodoo Fest in New Orleans.

Green Day: Windmills? Air Guitar?

Total Guitar - October 2004

An in-depth review of the American Idiot album including some quotes from the band about the record and the recording process. The article also includes tabs for the title track.

The Green Party

Stuff - October 2004

The band is interview about the American Idiot album, politics, and more.

Green Day : All American Rejects

Big Cheese - October 2004

The magazine interviews Green Day about the inspiration behind American Idiot. The interview takes place the day before the album is released.

A Night at the Punk Rock Opera

Alternative Press - October 2004

Interview with Green Day about the music in American Idiot and where the band is now. Reflecting on their career and lives over the last 15 years.

Berkeley Calling

Rolling Stone - September 30, 2004

Rolling Stone reviews "American Idiot" and lists it at number 1 of their "Hot List" recommended albums.

The Punk Gods' Full Amazing Story

Kerrang - September 04, 2004

Kerrang sits down with the band and reviews their history. From the Gilman days to the release of "American Idiot"