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Rock Sound 2016 Scrapbook: Billie Joe Armstrong

Rock Sound - January 2017

A short article with Billie's thoughts on 'Revolution Radio' and 'Ordinary World.'

Lost In Stereo

Rock Sound - November 2016

An interview with the band reflecting on the four years of tribulation, reinvention, and reconnection that lead to "Revolution Radio."

Green Day live at Emirates, Stadium

Rock Sound - June 19, 2013

Rock Sound reviews Green Day's record breaking performance in London, England.

It's Time to Have Fun Again

Rock Sound - August 14, 2012

Green Day sit down with Rock Sound Magazine for an 8-page feature to discuss the new trilogy of albums and the process and reasoning behind them.

Green Day Return With The Album Of The Year

Rock Sound - June 2009

An interview with Green Day shortly after the release of 21CB. They ask the band what's next for them and how they plan to follow up 2 concept albums.

Let The Good Times Roll

Rock Sound - March 2005

An interview with Green Day looking at their career and the success following American Idiot.