International Superhits!

Released: October 12, 2001

This compilation was released as a "Greatest Hits". It features many of Green Day's singles and their most popular songs. The band recorded two new songs for the album, 'Maria', and "Poprocks & Coke." An accompanying DVD, "International Supervideos!", was released on the same day. It included all of the band's previous music videos. The album has sold over 3 million copies worldwide since its release.

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Track List Video Tab
1 Maria
2 Poprocks & Coke
3 Longview
4 Welcome to Paradise
5 Basket Case
6 When I Come Around
7 She
8 J.A.R.
9 Geek Stink Breath
10 Brain Stew
11 Jaded
12 Walking Contradiction
13 Stuck With Me
14 Hitchin' a Ride
15 Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)
16 Redundant
17 Nice Guys Finish Last
18 Minority
19 Warning
20 Waiting
21 Macy's Day Parade