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Track 11 from Insomniac
Released 1995
Green Day has played this song live 489 times.

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Song Meaning

From Insomnia to intense activity. The difference between this song and the one that comes before is almost a metaphor for bi-polar disorder; from depression to mania in two seconds flat, segueing smoothly from one to the other. The song talks about how we have to live in the here and now, make our decisions fast and stick by them, before it's too late.


Somebody keep my balance
I think I'm falling off
Into a state of regression
The expiration date
Rapidly coming up
It's leaving me behind to rank
Always move forward
Going "straight" will get you nowhere
There is no progress
Evolution kill it all
I found my place in nowhere
I'm taking one step sideways
Leading with my crutch
Got a fucked up equilibrium
Count down from 9 to 5
Hooray! We are gonna die!
Blessed into our extinction

Live Performances

"Jaded" has been played 489 times live:

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