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Stuck With Me


Track 3 from Insomniac
Released 1995
Green Day has played this song live 48 times.

It was released as a single and reached number 34 on the charts.

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Song Meaning

Stuck With Me is a biting tune with lyrics written from the gutter looking to those that put him there. It tells of how the narrator isn't part of the shiny elite, and is angry at those who are trying to portray him as so. He talks of a “class structure waving colours/bleeding down my throat” which suggests that the sudden transition he has been expected to make has been far from easy. The lyrics are rejection of elitism and being put down; an anthem for those who feel dejected.


I'm not part of your elite
I'm just alright
Class structure waving colors
Bleeding from my throat
Not subserviant to you I'm just alright
Down classed by the powers that be
Give me loss of hope
Cast out... Buried in a hole
Struck down... forcing me to fall
Destroyed... giving up the fight
I know I'm not alright
What's my price and will you pay it if it's alright?
Take it from my dignity
waste it until it's dead
Throw me back into the gutter
'Cause it's alright
Find another pleasure fucker
Drag them down to hell

Live Performances

"Stuck With Me" has been played 48 times live:

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