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Punk Gods Blast Back

Kerrang - July 10, 2004

The first listen to 'American Idiot'. A couple months before the albums release, Kerrang get an exclusive look at 6 songs from the still-new album, never heard before.

Follow-up to Warning

Kerrang - January 2003

Kerrang asks Billie Joe a couple questions about what they're working on to follow up 'Warning'. The band was working on demos at this time, likely for Cigarette's & Valentines. They would scrap those and instead write 'American Idiot' shortly after.

War! What is it good for?

Kerrang - December 2002

Billie Joe vocalizes his opposition to the war about to begin in Iraq. He asked fans of Green Day to sign a petition.

Green Day : Top of the World

Kerrang - October 20, 2001

Kerrang introduces Green Day with this article talking about where they started, and where there at at this point with the success they've had.