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Live At Milton Keynes

Kerrang - June 25, 2005

A review and photo gallery from Green Day's largest shows at Milton Keynes in the UK.

Green Day: Kerrang Editors

Kerrang - June 18, 2005

Green Day take over as 'acting editors' for this issue of Kerrang. Includes a bunch of random Green Day facts from the band, with analysis of individual songs, and Green Day writes responses to some fan mail.

Summer of Punk

Kerrang - June 2005

Special edition of Kerrang talking all about punk, crediting Green Day with the explosion of it. They interview the band to ask about how and why they got into punk, and they also review a Green Day concert from 2000.

Billie Joe Sexiest Person In Rock

Kerrang - April 16, 2005

Billie Joe is written about as one of the top 50 sexiest people in rock.

The Punks' Full Amazing Story

Kerrang - April 2005

A look at Green Day's full career

The Best Day Of Our Lives

Kerrang - March 23, 2005

Review of Green Day's tour in Australia and a look at the success of American Idiot.

Their Toughest Grilling Ever

Kerrang - January 22, 2005

In-depth interview with Green Day asking them a bunch of random questions. It's actually one of their best interviews. Funny and entertaining.

We Fight On

Kerrang - November 2004

An article about punk rock versus former US President George Bush. The anger, frustration, and confusion is summed up by several in the punk community.

The Punk Gods' Full Amazing Story

Kerrang - September 04, 2004

Kerrang sits down with the band and reviews their history. From the Gilman days to the release of "American Idiot"

American Idiot Review

Kerrang - September 2004

Kerrang rates 'American Idiot' and reviews Green Day's performance at the 2004 Reading Festival.