Billie Joe reveals Green Day are making a music video for "Forever Now"; "Somewhere Now" is the new UK single

In an interview with Absolute Radio ahead of the station playing Green Day's 'full set' from Hyde Park, Billie Joe Armstrong has spilled the beans on the band's next music video. The frontman used the discussion to announce that the band are in the process of making a video for "Forever Now", which will be directed by Sam Bayer.

Take a listen to that piece of the interview below where Billie Joe also talks about the band's new UK-only single "Somewhere Now".

Bayer has previously worked with Green Day a number of times, including on videos for "Holiday", "Kill the DJ" and "American Idiot", as well as the multi-award winning video for "Boulevard of Broken Dreams". There hasn't yet been any mention of what the concept of the new video will be, though with Bayer directing it's likely to be more ambitious than the three Revolution Radio videos we have received to date.

The release date for the video isn't currently known.

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