Tre Cool will hide drumsticks at every tour show

Green Day have just wrapped up their run of Italian shows — the first official dates of this year's Revolution Radio tour. Last week, they played the Nelson Mandela Forum in Florence, Italy. This show was the start of a new trend for Tre Cool...if you're going to a Green Day show this year, you might want to keep an eye out!

As you can see, Vicky found quite the souvenir: a pair of Tre's stage-used and signed drumsticks! Here's what Tre himself had to say:

"Hahaha I'm glad you found my sticks. I will be hiding sticks each show on our tour. Good luck people!!"

Green Day have never done any fan appreciation gesture quite like #TreCoolsHiddenSticks. The RevRad tour continues into Europe before reaching the U.S. later this spring. We'll see you there, and good luck scoring some sticks!