Watch clips from Green Day's town-hall interview with SiriusXM

Green Day was on SiriusXM a couple days ago to do an interview followed by a live performance. They've posted a few clips from the interview on YouTube

You can hear the full Town Hall followed by a live performance on Faction (Ch. 41) on 10/7 at 7 pm and 10 pm ET. It will rebroadcast Saturday 10/8 at 8 am and Noon ET; Sunday 10/9 at 5 pm ET; Monday 10/10 at 1 pm ET and Tuesday 10/11 at 7 am and 9 pm ET.

It will also air on Lithium (Ch. 34) Tuesday 10/11 at 12 pm ET; Wednesday 10/12 at 3 pm ET; Thursday 10/13 at 7 pm ET and Friday 10/14 at 9 am ET.

Thanks to JardyOfSuburbia for posting this on our forum