Green Day on the cover of Rolling Stone, discuss recent struggles and new album

Green Day are featured on the cover of the upcoming issue of Rolling Stone magazine.

As is usual when the band starts up another album cycle, there's an in-depth feature article in the magazine. The physical magazine will be in stores tomorrow, Friday the 9th, but you can read the new article in advance. There are quotes and insight from the band about the journey from the trilogy to the new Revolution Radio era.

The article is mostly a catch-up for those who might've lost track of Green Day since they last made a splash with the trilogy in 2012. The band's personal and family challenges were highlighted, with some telling thoughts from all three of the guys. Mike talks about just how seriously the band treated Billie Joe's rehab:

"...what I couldn't agree with was seeing the degradation of my friend. The fucking path had gone too far. And he didn't even see it yet. It was, 'We're done. Recognize it. I can't think about playing with you right now. You got to get right. If we make it through this and we get back together, we're either going to be stronger than ever or we're going to not be doing this.'"

It's definitely a good read, and also a hopeful look into what should be a very eventful next year or so for Green Day!