Consquence of Sound lists 'Revolution Radio' as their most anticipated album of this fall

The Consequence of Sound is counting down their top 25 most anticipated albums of this fall. Guess which album comes in at number one? Yep, you guessed it... Revolution Radio.

"[The band is] striding back into a modern music landscape inevitably informed by the particularly dangerous epic that is American politics today. “Bang Bang”, the single they’ve led with, doesn’t reinvent any musical wheels, but its urgent subject matter makes it far more invigorated and specific than anything on their last triple release. Green Day won’t become the voice of a generation like they were with American Idiot, but they’ll still speak truth to power in their own solid, pop-punk way."

Others in the website's top 25 list include upcoming albums from Metallica, Beck, Wilco, Against Me, and more. Check out the full list here.

Is Revolution Radio YOUR most anticipated release? Let us know in the comments! There are certainly a lot of upcoming albums that didn't make CoS' list, such as ones from A Day to Remember, Sum 41, Jimmy Eat World, I Prevail, and Yellowcard, to name a few.