Help out Ecuadorian Green Day fans struck by earthquake

On Saturday, a devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit the South American country of Ecuador. Rescue efforts and the search for signs of life continue, but at least 300 have already been confirmed dead with thousands more also hurt.

Yesterday morning, GDA received an email from an affected fan who asked us to pass on a message regarding the urgent needs of Ecuador:

"From: Andrea I.
Subject: Earthquake in Ecuador

'Please! I didn't do this if i won't need it but my country does. There are little towns devastated, people under the buildings that need help, we are all helping but we need more. I wanna know if u can spread the word or help us with any you can: food, medicine, volunteers, ANYTHING. There are a lot of Idiots in ManabĂ­ and Esmeraldas (provinces more affected) that lost it all and their families are dead or missing. Please send any help u can.'"

American news network CNN has set up an 'Impact Your World' page to help streamline aid donations to reputable and effective aid agencies. Click the link above to read more about the help being contributed by Samaritan's Purse, WorldVision, UNICEF and the Ecuador Red Cross.

The Green Day-ECUADOR Facebook page has 30,000 followers. By donating, you can help these fans, their families and their country quickly begin recovery.

Thanks to Andrea I. for sending in this news.