Rolling Stone celebrates Dookie in new "The Dookie Chronicles" article

Last month on Dookie's 20th birthday, Rolling Stone posted an article that featured an interview with Billie Joe and Rob Cavallo who talked about the successes and story behind, arguably, the band's biggest album to date, Dookie.

This month, Rolling Stone will release a more in-depth article about the story of Dookie, featuring more quotes from Billie Joe and Rob as well as quotes from Mike, and Tré. The feature is titled "The Dookie Chronicles" and will hit newsstands on March 13th.

The article, written by David Fricke, touches on how the band chose to sign with Cavallo and Reprise, the recording of the album, the promotion and support, as well as preparing for Insomniac, the band's highly anticipated follow up.

After the break are a few select quotes from the article as well as some interesting bits and pieces.