New Found Glory, Taking Back Sunday, Yellowcard and more reflect on Dookie

Basket Case music video
Basket Case music video has put together a collection of thoughts from various artists about the impact Dookie has made on the music industry and the direct influence it had with a number of artists. Here's a few snippits from the piece:

"Green Day's Dookie wasn't the first pop-punk record, but it was the most important one. It's still the most important one.

There aren't many genres in which it's possible to make such a claim without inspiring major debate. But in this genre, it's simple: Dookie made it acceptable to put pop-punk on the radio. It introduced an entire type of music to the masses, inspiring a domino effect of sorts over the past two decades that has helped shape the way this genre grew. "

They go on to include reflections from members of Yellowcard, New Found Glory, Taking Back Sunday, The Wonder Years, Silverstein, Bayside and Fireworks. Read the full piece over at