Kerrang says Green Day are The Network

Blah. The news is so slow. The only thing new is this. Check out this tidbit from this month's Kerrang Magazine :
It's true that Green Day are part of the Network," a music industry insider told Kerrang!. "I don't know why they're trying to keep the pretence up. When you see and hear them, it's obviously them." The band features frontman Billie Joe Armstrong as 'Fink', whose name is credited on his other side-project Pinhead Gunpowder's new album 'Compulsive Disclosure'. Joining Armstrong are bassist Mike Dirnt as 'Van Gough', drummer Tré Cool as 'The Snoo' and 'Live Freaky, Die Freaky' director John Roecker on keyboards. The identity of the fifth member, 'Captain Underpants' has not yet been disclosed.