WTF Article: Green Day - Rocks' Saddest Joke

This week's "wtf article" comes courtesy of Writer Stephen Deusner goes out of his way to bash Green Day all based on the first single "Oh Love."

Billie Joe sharing his thoughts
Billie Joe sharing his thoughts
" It's not easy for any artist to write a song that is simultaneously anthemic and inconsequential, but Green Day have done just that. [...]

"Oh Love" is the first volley in what looks to be a sustained attack by Green Day. [...]Such an undertaking seems ambitious -- not to mention more than a little self-regarding, as though the material is just too good to edit down to a more digestible tracklist. [...]

What rankles most, however, isn't the music they'd made late in their career, but the complete lack of imagination they've shown as they've aged. No band has a script for how it will mature and develop; the possibilities are endless. Green Day, in other words, could have become anything. They certainly had the power and the money and the fans to sustain a career full of unexpected twists and turns and experiments and excursions. Instead, they've very faithfully followed the pre-set path that favors albums as major statements, maturation as introspection, import as a complete rejection of fun. Armstrong might have been a punk original; instead he's fashioned himself after Bono. We already have one of those, and some would even say that's too many."