'The Stuff that Didn't Quite Make It': A weekly round-up of Green Day articles on the web

Here on GDA, we are going to be starting a weekly segment that rounds up news articles from around the world wide web that are Green Day-related. These articles may not be considered "news post worthy" all by themselves but are still of much interest to read! So let's dive in to this week's batch of articles.

FUSE: Top 3 Winners and Losers: From Green Day to Axl Rose
FUSE has included Green Day as part of their weekly "Winners and Losers" segment, which I always enjoy reading because you get to hear about celebrity f'ups and celebrity yay's. The article talks about how awesome Green Day is for releasing three albums over just a few months and for inducting an Axl-less Guns N' Roses into the Rock Hall. Give the whole article a read, not just Green Day's part.

Green Day to unleash a trilogy: '¡Uno!,' '¡Dos!' and '¡Tre!'
Nothing particularly new in this article from the LA Times but it's a good wrap up of the three albums announcement. The writer seems to know his stuff and/or did research. I like how he/she went in depth about 21st Century Breakdown and it's unique creativeness compared to previous albums.

Record Rewind: Green Day - 'Warning'
Ology.com provides a nice "rewind" review of Green Day's 2000 album, Warning. The articles provides a short review of the album in the article and then review each song on the album one-by-one. It's a nice read and a good recap of Warning.

Weekly "WTF?!?!" Article

Top 5 Ways Green Day has Sold Out
I don't particularly like this article but I wanted to put it out there as an example of some of the idiot articles we could potentially post. The author lists five reasons why Green Day has "sold out." Sure, these claims could be legitimate (except the eye-liner reason) but the author is lacking substance and just puts the ideas out there and isn't backing them up with reasons. But the people claiming Green Day are sell-outs never have any legitimate reasons.

Oh, and not to forget the Glee news...

And check out this cute photo of Tré. You'll be glad you did.