Song of the Week: "Fashion Victim"

This week's Song of the Week is Green Day's dig at materialism and consumerism; Fashion Victim, track 4 of Green Day's 6th studio album, Warning.

The meaning behind Fashion Victim's lyrics is fairly self-explanatory - they criticise and satirise people who follow the fashion and trends of mainstream society to try and fit in ("the casualties"); people who base themselves on brand names and are obsessed with keeping up with the in-crowd, even if they can't necessarily afford it, rather than being their own person and living their own life ("you auctioned off your life...").

This week's video is a live recording of Fashion Victim from Japan in 2001. The video isn't actually from that recording, it's Green Day playing a different song.

Lyrics for the song can be found here, and this is Fashion Victim's Song of the Week thread, where you'll find some member-discussion. Feel free to stop by and post your opinion or nominate next week's song.