Green Day specials currently on iTunes

To coincide with the release of Green Day's new live album, Awesome As Fuck, iTunes has put up a page that has some special Green Day deals including $7.99 albums and 69 cent tracks.

Just about all of the band's album are on sale for the low price of $7.99. If you don't have them, pick them up for cheap while you can!

Also, they have put up 15 songs to download for only 69 cents each. That includes gems such as "Poprocks and Coke," "Jesus of Suburbia," "Last Night on Earth," and other great songs.

Also on that page, is a FREE video download of "When I Come Around" from the Awesome As Fuck DVD/Blu-ray. The performance is great so be sure to get that!

So click here to view the current Green Day specials!