Bay Area Ticket Giveaway

KITS Live 105 in San Francisco will be giving away Green Day tickets and an iPod Touch tomorrow. They'll be at Serramonte Ford in Colma/Daly City, CA July 1st from 6 - 8pm. If you're from the Bay Area head out for a chance to win some tickets.

Any other local contests you've heard giving out Green Day tickets? Send us an email so we can help get the word out.

Our new banner up top comes from our newest graphic designer, Vlad. We're happy to add him to the team.

The world tour kicks off this Friday. I'm going to see them in Philadelphia next month, and again in Phoenix in August. Full list of dates can be found here. Don't forget that you can click the green icon on the right side of each date to take you to a specific thread to discuss that show. People are using these to plan or talk to other fans also planning for that show.