MTV Germany Interview, 21CB Vinyl

MTV Germany did an interview with a bunch of random questions for the band. There's 5 short clips on the Blog. There's some pretty funny answers, at one point they ask them if they were actor who'd they be, Tre answers "Daniel Radcliffe, then changes it to Megan Fox, "so i could masturbate in front of the mirror all day".

As mentioned before, the limited edition of 21st Century Breakdown started shipping a couple days ago. There's still some left, but they're going quickly (only 3,000 were made). You can purchase them from Courtney got hers in yesterday and posted a bunch of pictures over on her Photobucket account.

The 7" Vinyl of Know Your Enemy is also out today which you can pickup at independent record stores. Record Store Day.

Reminder: "21 Guns" music video premieres tomorrow at 9pm PST on