Green Day in Paradise, NV

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Location: iHeartRadio Music Festival, MGM Grand Garden Arena in Paradise, USA
Date: September 21, 2012
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  • During the show, Billie was heavily drunk which caused many things to happen through the show. Including not being able to sing in key, he was also screaming out profanities such as, "I wanna fuck Rihanna," during "Fuck Time" and getting annoyed at the countdown for how much time they had left. When they got to "Basket Case", they played roughly two minutes of it before Billie stopped the song, saying he wanted to "play something new." When he noticed he only had one minute left, he started ranting about the show and other artists. When the time ran out, he started smashing his guitar on stage (which was later repaired), then flipped the bird and said, "One fucking minute, God love you all, we'll be back," before throwing the microphone on the floor and walking off stage. issued an apology and announced that Billie would be entering rehab, cancelling or postponing the remainder of the shows
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    1. American Idiot
    2. Holiday
    3. Fuck Time
    4. Longview
    5. Oh Love
    6. St. Jimmy
    7. Basket Case