Green Day in Dayton, OH

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Location: Nutter Center in Dayton, USA
Date: October 17, 2005
  • Sunset Veins: "After Number One Fan completed their set, the roadies began the process of moving Green Day's gear onstage. Around 7:45, the Drunk Bunny staggered onto the dimly lit stage. The crowd went wild, screaming and hollering, as he guzzled down his first beer. Continuing to stagger around, he almost fell headfirst into the mosh pit full of eager fans just waiting to discover his identity. Before ending his little preview show, the Bunny capped off another beer, hidden in his suit, and proceeded to 'get happy' on the stage floor. He seemed to enjoy it as much as the crowd, and then, his show was over as he made his way backstage. The crowd yelled and moshed until their faces were blue. Finally, Green Day made their entrance. The fans were crazy. The pit began to move faster and faster until they were in an all-out mosh as Green Day began their show with American Idiot, the title track off their multi-platnium record released September 21st, 2004. After finishing the kick-off song of the Dayton show, Billie Joe Armstrong took the mic and introduced the guys he had been with for 17 years. He also asked for the date and alerted the crowd that 'the day after this show will be our 17th fucking anniversary!' Not only was the Dayton show the band's anniversary show, it was the last show on the bill for the American Idiot Tour 2005. As Green Day continued on through the night, they played the entire American Idiot album straight through, with breaks of course, so Billie could begin all-arena waves, spotlight jumps, and, his favorite, 'heeeey-hoooo!' He could induce the crowd into doing anything, whether it be jumping, headbanging, waves, or swaying. Billie, with the help of Mike and Tre, turned the crowd into a raging pack of punks, even the young kids staying up way past their bedtime to hear their favorite band. At one point during the show, Billie held 'heeey' for, what was probably a record, one full fucking minute! His convinced the crowd that they could hold that note, and they tried. Few actually completed the task, but everybody tried. Now, it seems to be a tradition that at every Green Day show they pick people from the crowd to play their instruments. This time around a guy wearing a red and black striped shirt played drums, and the crowd seemed to love the way he played! A girl was chosen to play bass, and Mike seemed to like her because he kept whispering tips in her ear. And, the mother of all instruments was left, guitar. A girl was also chosen to play this. She seemed to have been dying to play because once she got on stage, she owned it. She was running around hugging everybody and yelling at the crowd to make some noise. The three chosen musicians played Knowledge while Billie picked up the vocals. The girl who played guitar was allowed to keep Billie's guitar as long as she "got her fucking ass off my fucking stage!" And, the drummer dude got to keep Tre's sticks and do a stage dive. And, I do believe the bass girl got to keep Mike's bass. In my personal opinion, I do believe this was the best Green Day show I've ever seen, but that might just have been because I was there. I enjoyed this concert so fucking much that it will be the best night of my life forever!"
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    1. American Idiot
    2. Jesus Of Suburbia
    3. Holiday
    4. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
    5. Are We The Waiting
    6. St. Jimmy
    7. Give Me Novacaine
    8. She's A Rebel
    9. Extraordinary Girl
    10. Letterbomb
    11. Wake Me Up When September Ends
    12. Homecoming
    13. Whatsername
    14. Longview
    15. Welcome To Paradise
    16. Basket Case
    17. She
    18. When I Come Around
    19. King For A Day
    20. Shout (Isley Brothers cover)
    21. Minority
    22. When I Come Around
    23. We Are The Champions (Queen cover)
    24. Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)