Green Day in Tokyo

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Location: Shibuya-AX in Tokyo, Japan
Date: August 16, 2012
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  • After "Nice Guys Finish Last," Billie mentions that it's their 30th show in Japan. He also mentions that they don't have a setlist, so they don't know exactly what to play. Then he decides to play a new song, "Troublemaker"
  • Green Day Inc.: "Green Day played in Shibuya-AX in Tokio, Japan yesterday. This was their first concert in the Uno, Dos, Tré trilogy tour! The set list is full of new songs and the bands new tour T-shirts were revealed!"
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    1. Welcome To Paradise
    2. Nuclear Family
    3. Stay The Night
    4. Stop When The Red Lights Flash
    5. Carpe Diem
    6. Oh Love
    7. Angel Blue
    8. Kill The DJ
    9. Let Yourself Go
    10. Longview
    11. Holiday
    12. Nice Guys Finish Last
    13. Troublemaker
    14. Murder City
    15. Hitchin' A Ride
    16. Brain Stew
    17. St. Jimmy
    18. Give Me Novacaine
    19. Letterbomb
    20. Stray Heart
    21. 99 Revolutions
    22. She
    23. Basket Case
    24. Going To Pasalacqua
    25. American Idiot
    26. Minority
    27. Lady Cobra