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GDA's RevRad Era Recap Zine - Final call for submissions

Hey fans! By now, you have most likely heard about our upcoming RevRad Era Recap Zine, which will be taking a look back at the first year and a half of the Revolution Radio era. [...] Read story

Year of RevRad, Part 5: "Outlaws"

'Outlaws', the focus of this edition of our Year of RevRad, is the fifth track on Revolution Radio, and a noticeable step down in pace and vigor compared to the preceding songs. R [...] Read story

Year of RevRad, Part 4: "Say Goodbye"

Our Year of RevRad is back, this time featuring the new album's fourth track, "Say Goodbye". Armstrong was reacting to images of armored vehicles in the streets of Ferguson, Misso [...] Read story

Year of RevRad, Part 3: "Revolution Radio"

"Revolution Radio", the title-track and one of the first songs written for the new album, is the the focus of our Year of RevRad this month. The song was inspired by protests that [...] Read story

Year of RevRad, Part 2: "Bang Bang"

"Bang Bang" is the second track off of Revolution Radio. For other uses please see Bang Bang. The song starts off with sound clips from the media discussing shooters with a touch o [...] Read story

Year of RevRad, Part 1: "Somewhere Now"

Hello everyone. As you know, our favorite band has released their twelfth studio album Revolution Radio and is currently on the road touring. We want to highlight the twelve tracks [...] Read story