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Studio Update #15 - Billie Joe tracking vocals for ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, and ¡Tre!

Moments ago, Green Day uploaded another studio update to their YouTube channel. In this video we see Billie Joe in the vocal booth joking around with producer Rob Cavallo and engi [...] Read story

Studio Update #14 (4/27): Billie Joe Multi-tasking!

Today, Green Day's official YouTube channel posted another "studio update" video. This is the second video that has been posted since the announcement of the band's three new album [...] Read story

Studio Update #13 - Tré is feeling blue

After a good two weeks since the initial announcement of Green Day's trilogy albums, ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, and ¡Tré!, the band finally broke the silence and released another studio vid [...] Read story

Green Day release new studio video announcing 3 new albums

Here's the news about the releases. Now listen to Green Day talk about the 3 albums. Holy fuck I hope you guys are excited! [...] Read story

Studio Update #11 - Tre the motorcycle thief

Green Day has just released their 11th studio video update, coming in at 45 seconds this is the longest video that we've seen yet. In this video we see Billie talking to Rob and M [...] Read story

Studio Update #10: Nobody knows nothing and everyone knows everything

The 10th studio video from Green Day has just been put up on the band's official YouTube channel, once again showing the band recording, as well as a few snippets of what looks lik [...] Read story

New video of Green Day in the studio update #9

Over a week after the last one and we have another studio video released by Green Day's official YouTube channel. Billie describes a "new sound" and how it's "fucking with his head [...] Read story

Studio Update video #8: 3/14

Another in-studio video has just been released by Green Day's official Youtube channel, this time showing the band jamming and discussing new songs, with footage of a city (can any [...] Read story

New studio video: Behind the scenes of Green Day's Halloween surprise show

Today's "studio video" isn't in the studio at all. The video was filmed behind the scenes of Green Day's surprise Halloween show last October at Webster Hall. Teases. [...] Read story

New studio update video .... wtf is that?

Green Day pleasures our eyeballs with another update from the studio. This one is not quite as deep at the last two where Mike and Billie Joe were talking about art and connections [...] Read story

Studio Update #5 - Mike Dirnt and Billie Joe talk about how the new album will be a "piece of art"

It truly seems like Green Day is going to continue releasing studio updates on a regular basis as they have just released their 5th video update. I swear that these updates cont [...] Read story

Green Day releases another studio update with Billie Joe and Rob Cavallo talking about the new songs

Green Day's official YouTube channel has just released another new studio update from the band, this marks the 4th video update since last Wednesday. Personally, I think that t [...] Read story

Video #3 of Green Day in the studio this week

New video of the band in the studio. This marks the third one At the beginning of the video Billie mentions Whatsername and that he's finally going to name the girl (the one he's [...] Read story

Another new video of Green Day in the studio

A new video of the band has been posted on YouTube. This one has a mixture of the band in some studio, not sure which, as well as them living their daily lives. Though it appears a [...] Read story

New video of Green Day in the studio with Rob Cavallo

Green Day's official site just posted this video of the band in the studio from yesterday. In the video, we see Rob Cavallo which must mean he is producing the album. Weeeeeee. [...] Read story