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Recap: New Year's Eve with The Longshot and Prima Donna

When this decade began, Green Day were touring 21st Century Breakdown. I remember watching my knockoff DVD of their Fox Theatre performance every few days after school. Attending o [...] Read story

Recap: Green Day live at MTV World Stage in Seville, Spain

After the secret Whiskey a Go Go show in Hollywood, the first date of the Father of All… era was expected to be on March 8, 2020, in Singapore. When Green Day were nominated for [...] Read story

Kerrang names 'Revolution Radio' album of the year

The latest issue of Kerrang counts down the top 50 albums of 2016 and has listed 'Revolution Radio' at #1. Underestimate Green Day at your peril. Even in the face of considerab [...] Read story

Review roundup: 'Revolution Radio' is an energetic, back-to-basics masterpiece for the band

Over the past few days, reviews of Green Day's 12th studio album Revolution Radio have been rolling out on the web from music, news, and culture websites. Check out a selection [...] Read story

Concert Review: Revolution Radio Tour kicks off in Columbus, Ohio

After a two-year break from touring, Green Day was clearly itching to get back on the road. And in case anyone doubted it, Billie Joe Armstrong made it known early Monday night at [...] Read story

Rolling Stone publishes track-by-track review of 'Revolution Radio'

You thought you were excited for Green Day's upcoming album Revolution Radio right? Well, think again. Rolling Stone this morning has published a track-by-track review of the al [...] Read story

CBS News analyzes "Bang Bang" and the meaning of the song

As part of a recent CBS News online segment, Rolling Stone contributor Joe Levy talked a bit about Green Day's new song "Bang Bang" and new album Revolution Radio. Joe, along wi [...] Read story

Radio DJ reviews "BANG BANG," likens to early Green Day

This past weekend at the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago, Illinois, Nik Rivers, DJ at 107.7FM in Buffalo, New York, got to listen to Green Day's upcoming new song "BANG BANG [...] Read story

MTV reviews Billie Joe's involvement with the Replacements

MTV writer Gil Kaufman attended The Replacement's show Sunday night in Kentucky as part of the Forecastle Festival. Billie Joe once again joined the band as a rhythm guitarist and [...] Read story

GDA Review: 'Demolicious' is the raw Green Day sound we love

Today marks the international release of Green Day's latest project, Demolicious, an album of demos stemming from the trilogy they started working on more than two years ago. As a [...] Read story

VMusic reviews Green Day and the other acts performing at Soundwave in Australia

Green Day is preparing to play their final Australian show today as part of the Soundwave festival. To mark the occasion here's a review from talking about each of the b [...] Read story

Tim McIlrath from Rise Against reviews Foreverly

Tim McIlrath, lead singer and guitarist from punk rock band "Rise Against" has recently written a review on Billie Joe + Norah Jones' new album Foreverly. Rise Against had the oppo [...] Read story

Fantastic photos of Green Day performing at Optimus Alive in Portugal

Gigwise has posted an article highlighting over a dozen fantastic photos taken of Green Day during their set at the Optimus Alive festival this weekend. The festival took place [...] Read story

Scans: Rock Sound reviews Green Day's show in London

Rock Sound magazine has reviewed Green Day's record breaking show at Emirates Stadium in London, England. Read a snippit below, or check out the full scans in our articles section. [...] Read story

Kerrang reviews Green Day's Emirates Stadium show.

Green Day is in the latest issue of Kerrang magazine with a review of their concert at Emirates Stadium in London, England. Here's a quote from the story No band on Earth are mo [...] Read story

Rolling Stone on Green Day's Chicago show: a "rowdy return of epic proportions"

Rolling Stone has posted a review of Green Day's return to touring at last night's show in Chicago, IL. You can view the setlist from last night. Here's an excerpt from Rolling Sto [...] Read story