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Recap: Green Day live at MTV World Stage in Seville, Spain

After the secret Whiskey a Go Go show in Hollywood, the first date of the Father of All… era was expected to be on March 8, 2020, in Singapore. When Green Day were nominated for [...] Read story

The GDA Hiatus Recap

Here's a roundup of Green Day news tidbits you may have missed during our brief hiatus: Happy anniversaries! American Idiot and ¡Uno! celebrated birthdays in September (they' [...] Read story

GDA's Exclusive Interview with Green Day — Part 4

This is the fourth and final installment of our interview with Green Day. In part three, we talked to the band about their past goals, and the musical roots of each of the guys. [...] Read story

July Recap - Top 5 Most Read Stories

Here's a brief recap of July and the top 5 most read Green Day stories this month Green Day will be making a video for "Forever Now" with Sam Bayer. They also announced that "So [...] Read story

Green Day at Hyde Park

If you wanted a word to sum up modern day Green Day it would be ‘happy’. The band currently exudes a contentment in their live shows which has, since the release of Revolution [...] Read story

Green Day in 2016 - A Retrospective

It's likely nobody will look back on 2016 with much fondness. Everyone knows what happened by now – celebrities dropped like Jonestown members after necking the Kool Aid and wes [...] Read story

Recap: Green Day closes out Live 105's "Not So Silent Night" in Oakland, CA

Green Day played Live 105's "Not So Silent Night" last night in Oakland, CA. Setlist and photos can be found in the tour section. During the show Billie Joe talked about the Gh [...] Read story

Weekly News Recap: Upcoming TV appearances and "Still Breathing" hits the charts

Here's our "weekly" recap of the biggest Green Day news this week. To start off, the band will be performing tonight at the American Music Awards. I believe they'll be playing [...] Read story

Check out these FOUR new interviews with Green Day!

The guys have just recently come back from Europe. and have done tons of press both there and elsewhere lately. We thought we'd combine some recent interviews into another roundup [...] Read story

Weekly Recap - Green Day kicks off US tour

It's that wonderful time where there's enough going on every day that it's possible for fans to miss some of the news that happened this week. So we're going to start writing a wee [...] Read story

Concert Review: Revolution Radio Tour kicks off in Columbus, Ohio

After a two-year break from touring, Green Day was clearly itching to get back on the road. And in case anyone doubted it, Billie Joe Armstrong made it known early Monday night at [...] Read story

Round-up of articles about "Bang Bang" announcement

Since last night's announcement of Green Day's new single "Bang Bang," various music news outlets have reported on the news and Billie Joe's Instagram post. Check out the growing l [...] Read story

Official Tribeca photo gallery of last night's 'Geezer' performance

Tribeca's website has posted a photo gallery and small recap of the last night's short Green Day + Guests performance that followed the premiere of Geezer. Check out a preview o [...] Read story

Billie Joe performed 'Foreverly' live last night with Norah Jones in NYC

Billie Joe and Norah Jones got together and performed 'Foreverly' last night at Bowery Electric in New York City. The duo released that tribute album in 2013 to the Everly Brothers [...] Read story

Larry Livermore: 'Green Day In The Hall Of Fame'

Lookout Records founder and music aficionado Larry Livermore has written a great recap of his weekend in Cleveland with Green Day as they were inducted into the Rock N' Roll Hall o [...] Read story

GDA Recap: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony

Three immediate impressions come to mind when I think of that Saturday night'’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony: First, I think of dreams. After all, if you thought [...] Read story