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Tré Cool introduces six Green Day music videos for Dailymotion

Green Day has created a Dailymotion video playlist, in which Tré Cool introduces six of Green Day's videos. The videos presented are "Oh Love," "Kill The DJ," "When I Come Around, [...] Read story

Converse releases exclusive live cut of "Oh Love"

In conjunction with their special ¡UNO! edition of Chucky T's, Converse has posted an exclusive live recording of "Oh Love" from a recent Green Day show. Converse is giving away [...] Read story

Rock Band to release Green Day Track Pack 03 Tuesday, featuring "Oh Love"

Harmonix has announced that they are finally releasing more Green Day material for their popular Rock Band franchise. Green Day Track Pack 03 will be available for download tomorro [...] Read story

New live video of "Oh Love" coming this Friday to the official Green Day app has just announced that a brand-spankin' new live video of "Oh Love" will be released this Friday. Where can you watch it, you ask? Well, here's the scoop: You have t [...] Read story

Playboy debuts Green Day's uncut video of "Oh Love"

Last night, Playboy debuted the uncut, or as many refer to it, R-rated, version of Green Day's "Oh Love" music video. The video has a slightly different theme to it than the origin [...] Read story

"Oh Love" music video available to download via iTunes

Interested in owning a copy of Green Day's music video for "Oh Love?" Well, it's your lucky day because it has become available on iTunes to download to your computer, iPod, iPad, [...] Read story

Video of Green Day performing "Oh Love" in Japan

This is Green Day performing "Oh Love" on the Japanese TV show Music Station earlier today. Thanks to Robert Arbuthnot (yuck on the forum) for sending this video. [...] Read story

Watch the premiere of "Oh Love" live right here on GDA

MTV is streaming the premiere of Green Day's new music video "Oh Love" and then a 30 minute interview with Green Day afterwords. All the fun starts in just a few minutes at 7:49pm [...] Read story

Behind the scenes of Green Day's "Oh Love" music video

Moments ago, Consequence of Sound debuted the behind the scenes video for Green Day's upcoming music video, "Oh Love." Tune into MTV on Wednesday at 7:49 p.m. ET to watch the fu [...] Read story

"Oh Love" music video to debut on MTV this Wednesday

MTV has just announced that they will be exclusively premiering Green Day's music video for "Oh Love" this coming Wednesday, August 15th. Billie Joe tweeted: Hello friends. The [...] Read story

"Oh Love" CD single has Jason White listed as a band member

A 1-track CD single of "Oh Love" was just released in Japan and the sleeve insert has a little surprise for us all on it. Jason White has been listed as an official member and guit [...] Read story

Vote for "Oh Love" in MTV's Summer Jam Games

Green Day's latest single, "Oh Love," is partaking in MTV's Summer Jam Games. The track is in the "Rock" event and is up against other great tracks from artists such as The Killers [...] Read story

"Oh Love" to debut at number one on Billboard's Rock Songs Chart

In a new article from, it is revealed that Green Day's latest single, "Oh Love," will debut at number one on Billboard's Rock Songs chart this Thursday. The track is [...] Read story

A Green Day fan's review of "Oh Love"

Editors Note: The below post was written by a member of our community, justcause, on our forum. We asked her permission to cross-post it here. In the post below she's responding to [...] Read story

"Oh Love" has finally been released in the UK iTunes store

After the initial premiere of "Oh Love" this past Monday and it's immediate release to the US iTunes store, nothing was to be found in the UK store and rumors began to float around [...] Read story

Green Day break down their latest single "Oh Love" to MTV News

On the set of their "Oh Love" music video, Green Day talks to MTV News where the band breaks down their latest single. In the segment Billie Joe and Mike Dirnt talk about what [...] Read story