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Here's where you can hear the premiere of "BANG BANG" today

The day is finally here! It's August 11th, which means we get to let Green Day's new song "BANG BANG" fill our ears with joy and usher in a new era for the band. The song has no [...] Read story

"Green Day: Back from Hell" in the next issue of Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone's Instagram account has posted the cover of their next issue and a new Green Day article is mentioned on the cover. The article is titled "Green Day: Back from Hel [...] Read story

"BANG BANG" premiere set for Thursday morning

Yesterday afternoon, several radio stations across the US took to social media to announce the premiere time for Green Day's newest single, "BANG BANG." LIVE 105 (KITS) in San F [...] Read story

"Bang Bang" single artwork all but confirms new album's title, 'Revolution Radio'

As we posted late last night/early this morning, Billie Joe took to Instagram to share with the world the artwork for Green Day's upcoming new song "Bang Bang." Since then, us f [...] Read story

Confirmed album artwork for Green Day's upcoming single, "Bang Bang"

This evening/morning, Billie Joe has posted via Instagram the artwork for the "Bang Bang" single. A closer look at the smattering of text inside of the letters in "BANG BANG" al [...] Read story

Green Day's announcement of new music mentioned on 'The Today Show'

Earlier this week, US-based morning TV show The Today Show briefly mentioned and discussed Billie Joe's announcement of Green Day's new song "BANG BANG." Check out a video of th [...] Read story

Green Day's new single was recorded by Chris Dugan, mixed by Andrew Scheps

Audio engineers Chris Dugan and Andrew Scheps have taken to Facebook to announce their excitement for the upcoming Green Day single "BANG BANG." The two have also come forward with [...] Read story

Warner Music Spain and Argentina to give fans a sneak preview of "BANG BANG"

This week on Twitter, a couple Warner Music accounts have been teasing Green Day fans about a chance to hear the band's new single "BANG BANG" prior to the world premiere next [...] Read story

Radio DJ reviews "BANG BANG," likens to early Green Day

This past weekend at the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago, Illinois, Nik Rivers, DJ at 107.7FM in Buffalo, New York, got to listen to Green Day's upcoming new song "BANG BANG [...] Read story

Meet Frank Maddocks, the man in charge of art for Green Day's new album

Late Sunday evening when Billie Joe posted on Instagram the announcement of "BANG BANG," we got the first new group photo of the band since 2012's Trilogy. In the caption of the ph [...] Read story

Round-up of articles about "Bang Bang" announcement

Since last night's announcement of Green Day's new single "Bang Bang," various music news outlets have reported on the news and Billie Joe's Instagram post. Check out the growing l [...] Read story

Billie Joe officially announces "Bang Bang" single on Instagram

Late this evening, Billie Joe has taken to Instagram to officially announce Green Day's new single "Bang Bang." dear friends! green day is putting out a new single called "BANG [...] Read story

New Green Day song titled "Bang Bang" premiering August 11th

Green Day is back! This evening, radio station 93.3 WMMR out of Philadelphia mentioned on air, and later separately confirmed to GDA, that they will be premiering a new Green Da [...] Read story

Green Day to play new songs for LIVE 105 radio staff

Let's keep the news going today... On the Green Day subreddit Saturday evening, a user posted about hearing LIVE 105, a Bay-Area alternative radio station, mention that they wer [...] Read story

Green Day has started rehearsing for an upcoming tour

Green Day's touring guitarist and back-up vocalist Jeff Matika has just uploaded a photo to Instagram captioned "Let's go!" that shows a variety of guitars and related gear. In [...] Read story

Green Day's Next Album: What We Do (and Don't) Want to Hear

Billboard recently speculated about whether or not a new album from Green Day could go on to be a big success. The author also highlighted what they'd like to see from the band. [...] Read story