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Green Day listed on 2018's Highest-Paid Musicians

Billboard has released it's annual list of the highest-paid musicians to make you feel wholly inadequate about your music career. Good news is that Green Day made the list at numbe [...] Read story

Green Day tour stops rated some of 2017's best

Green Day's Revolution Radio Tour is now complete. Billie Joe reflected on 2017 and this era of the band on Instagram: Before any resolutions a gratitude list is in order fo [...] Read story

'Dookie' is Rolling Stone's greatest pop-punk album of all time; 'American Idiot', 'Kerplunk' in the running

Rolling Stone has come out with a list of the 50 greatest pop-punk albums of all time. Surprising no one, Green Day has an album in this list. However, not just one, but three of t [...] Read story

Loudwire counts down "10 Unforgettable Billie Joe Armstrong Moments"

Loudwire has put together a video that compiles and counts down the "10 unforgettable Billie Joe Armstrong moments". The music publication walks through various moments such as his [...] Read story

Green Day listed in "12 artists who are a positive influence"

Altnernative Press has included Green Day in a list of 12 artists who are a positive influence. About Green Day they write, The punk attitude of Green Day has been inspiring ou [...] Read story

Editorial: The top 5 most criminally-underrated Green Day B-sides

Never, ever sleep on the B-sides. ...unless there aren't any to sleep on. For the first time in Green Day's quarter-century-long career, the band hasn't released even a single B [...] Read story

"Bang Bang" included in Rolling Stone's "10 Best Songs of 2016"

Rolling Stone has published the results of the magazine's latest poll where its readers counted down the ten best songs of 2016. Green Day's "Bang Bang" has landed on the list at # [...] Read story

'Revolution Radio' lands on Rolling Stone's "50 Best Albums of 2016"

Rolling Stone is counting down their 50 best albums of 2016 and Green Day's Revolution Radio has checked in at #14 on their list. Having completed the slightly improbable journe [...] Read story

Billie Joe shares a personal playlist of songs that influenced his life

Entertainment Weekly has a new feature on Billie Joe! To celebrate the release of Revolution Radio yesterday, they got some personal music recommendations from the man himself. [...] Read story

Consquence of Sound lists 'Revolution Radio' as their most anticipated album of this fall

The Consequence of Sound is counting down their top 25 most anticipated albums of this fall. Guess which album comes in at number one? Yep, you guessed it... Revolution Radio. [ [...] Read story

Consequence of Sound names Green Day the best pop punk band ever

The Consequence of Sound has published a list of their top 100 best pop-punk bands ever. Coming in at number one on the website's list is, obviously, Green Day. Say what you wil [...] Read story

Green Day takes three spots on Rolling Stone's 'The 10 Best Pop-Punk Albums of All Time'

Green Day landed three spots on Rolling Stone Readers' Poll "Top 10 Best Pop-Punk Albums of All Time", with Dookie, nimrod., and American Idiot. If the Ramones set the groundwo [...] Read story

Green Day included in Top 10 Worst Songs by Great Bands

Not every song by every great band can be amazing, and's Rock Music section listed the "occasional misstep" by 10 'Great Rock Artists' and in there included Green Day's " [...] Read story

Billie Joe named one one of Rolling Stone's top 100 songwriters

Rolling Stone recently listed the top 100 Greatest Songwriters of all time, and Billie Joe was listed in there at #93. Way lower than he should be, but glad he was included none-th [...] Read story

Alt Press counts down the bands "who totally rocked 'Letterman'"

In celebration of late night TV host David Letterman's retirement, Alternative Press has counted down the top 10 bands "who totally rocked Letterman." Included on the list are b [...] Read story

My Top 5 Green Day songs this year

As 2014 comes to a close I'm curious to what songs Green Day fans listened to. So I thought I'd give you guys my top 5 most listened to Green Day songs (and top 5 non-Green Day son [...] Read story