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Help us find phone messages from 2001 - 2004

From 2001 through 2004 posted regular phone messages from Billie Joe, Mike, and Tré. Unfortunately these aren't available anymore and most have been lost through the [...] Read story

The Musicians' Lounge: New place in our forum for musicians to share their music

Hello musicians/lyricists/kazoo players! Our lovely forum has a place for you. We have set up a forum where members share/promote their lyrics and music. We would like to invite yo [...] Read story

GDC Writing Contest - enter for a chance to win a Green Day shirt

Our forum is holding a writing contest. We want you to write lyrics or poems with no more than 4 stanzas. Get inspired by EITHER every rose has its thorn (not to be confused with t [...] Read story

Featured eBay Items: Signed instruments from iHeartRadio festival

Back in September, before the now infamous iHeartRadio festival performance, Clear Channel and iHeartRadio held a Green Day-related contest. One winner would travel to Las Vegas fo [...] Read story

Featured eBay Item: American Idiot-era "Kiss Me, I'm Punk!" Converse

This week, our featured eBay item comes straight from a member of our forum, GDC. This member, hansyhobs, is selling some never-worn Green Day "Kiss Me, I'm Punk!" Converse sneaker [...] Read story

Enter our photography contest to win an amazing drawing of Mike

Over on our forum we're having a photography contest to celebrate the holiday season. We're asking for you guys to submit your best photos that you took this year, Green Day relate [...] Read story

Green Day Community member "Raiderr" is selling his extensive Green Day collection

One of our forum members, "Raiderr," is going to be selling his extensive Green Day collection. If you are a collector, this is definitely a post that I would check out. He has [...] Read story

GDC Seasonal Photography Contest!

Here we go again... So it's the time of year again! The seasons are a-changing and in the Northern Hemisphere everyone is trying to get something of a tan before our elusive summe [...] Read story

Vote for the best Green Day song on each album

We're currently trying to figue out what the best Green Day song is according to our visitors. The voting is taking place over the next few months, where we'll be voting on a favo [...] Read story